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Permanent link to archive for 10/4/14. Thursday, April 10, 2014
Working bee this Sunday at the Kingsland Richmond Hills 13th April 9.00am.

Increase your riding kamara (karma) or even better bring your friends along to help put some time into building those trails you love to ride. We are continuing to work on the lower Lodestone track from the Valhalla area. Bring along gloves, water as morning tea will be supplied thanks to Fresh Choice Richmond.
Meet at top of Valhalla Drive 9.00am this Sunday
Contact Mike for more details 0210633880
Posted by Mike Brien on 10/ 4 / 14; 6:56:54 AM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 9/4/14. Wednesday, April 9, 2014
Tasman Secondary School MTB Champs Results

Sometimes the weather forecast just doesn't play the game - today was one of those days.... But it sure made for a big fun day at Codgers for the 120 who came out to get dirty and race for some grins (and some medals and trophies). Get dirty they sure did, with often only some shining teeth showing through the smiles to give a bit of contrast. Fine weather booked in for 2015!

Results here
Posted by Chris Mildon on 9/ 4 / 14; 8:30:10 PM   Discuss
Permanent link to archive for 6/4/14. Sunday, April 6, 2014
Intermediate Schools Summer Tourney Results

Friday April 4th at the Codgers MTB Park. Cross Country and Super D style Downhill events. 50 kids, 6 schools, lots of smiles. For many, their first experience of an organised MTB race. For most, its certain there will be many more, and for some, your champions of tomorrow. Great fun day, looking forward to next years already. Thanks to all the parents, teachers and other students for helping make this happen again this year.

Results here
Posted by Chris Mildon on 6/ 4 / 14; 1:41:32 PM   Discuss
Permanent link to archive for 26/3/14. Wednesday, March 26, 2014
Kingsland Richmond Working Bee

Working bee this Sunday at the Kingsland Richmond Hills 30th March.

Increase your riding kamara but putting some time into building trails. We are going to work on the lower Lodestone track from Valhalla area. Bring along gloves, water as morning tea will be supplied thanks to Fresh Choice Richmond.
Meet at top of Valhalla Drive 9.00am this Sunday
Contact Mike for more details 0210633880
Posted by Mike Brien on 26/ 3 / 14; 9:50:06 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 25/3/14. Tuesday, March 25, 2014
Membership Renewal

A friendly reminder that Nelson Mountain Bike Club memberships were due for renewal as of the 1st of January.

If you have not yet renewed your membership, please complete the online application form which can be found here.

100% of your membership fee goes back into trail building. Your membership entitles you to member discounts at most Nelson region bike shops and you get a club member rate at club run events.

You also receive a 2014 forestry permit which by itself costs the same as a club membership. Without a valid (mint green) permit you can't ride any of the trails that are built in Hancock managed forests (which include all of Sharlands and Turners, Top Dog, Dead Dog). Hancock has indicated that it will be doing spot checks throughout the year so please don't risk getting caught out. Without a permit you are technically trespassing.

So don't delay! Get your membership renewed today!
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 25/ 3 / 14; 11:59:37 AM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 19/3/14. Wednesday, March 19, 2014
Forest Restrictions LIfted

All previous access restrictions (excluding Fireball, Lollipop, Turners area) are now lifted for Hancock Forests and current permits are re-instated.
At this time of year, things can still dry out pretty quickly so we ask that forest users remain vigilant for any sign of fire and refrain from smoking at all times.
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 19/ 3 / 14; 12:38:39 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 16/3/14. Sunday, March 16, 2014
Ghost Lake Heli-Bike

Organising a heli-bike from Lyell to Ghost Lake Hut on the Sunday 30th March. $120 per person/bike.
Using Matt Gibb at Heli Charter Nelson and his bike cage, so all safe and secure.
Need a Minimum number of 50 to make this happen at this price.
Please email me at or text 0272809439 if keen.
The last weekend before daylight saving ends and the last heli-bike I will be organising for the season.
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 16/ 3 / 14; 4:07:43 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 13/3/14. Thursday, March 13, 2014
Breaking the law and putting your safety at risk

As we all know there is a harvesting operation going on around some of the mountain bike trails in the Codgers/Maitai area (Turners, Dogs, Lollipop etc). We know this because there are barriers in place and signs up, trees are being cut down and heavy machinery is being used. This is no environment for mountain bike riding and Hancock Forest Management (HFM), the managers of the forest that allow us access, has asked that we respect its need to work safely and stay away. Most of us get it - we are finding new places to ride and have fun.

Unfortunately, a minority aren't and it's become a problem.
It's a problem for those ignoring the signs/barriers/internet posts because anyone seen by HFM will have their name taken, the police will be informed and trespass notices will be issued.
It's a problem for the forest managers because they have health and safety plans to follow and need to work in a controlled environment.
It's a problem for Nelson Mountain Bike Club and all our members because we work closely with HFM to get access to its land so we can ride our bikes on it - they don't have to let us in and we are very glad they do - but the safety of its staff and of the general public always comes first.
It's a problem for you and your family if you're seriously injured.

Last week two riders actually rode onto the skid site whilst work was taking place - they chose to ignore at least three sets of signs and barriers to do this. HFM has been speaking to us about the implications of this.  

Please, stay away from the restricted area. Read the signs and stay the right side of the barriers. Please - pass this message on to all of your riding friends and family. If you see anyone crossing barriers please have a word with them for all our sakes.

Another upshot of all this is that Hancock is going to be getting a lot stricter on enforcing the need for ALL riders using trails on HFM land, that includes Sharlands trails (like R&R, Waterloo, Willow Lane, Chings, Broken Axe, Maitai Face ) and Firball trails (like Turners, Dogs, Lollipop when they are re-opened) to have a valid permit. Without a permit you are trespassing. Anyone issued with a trespass notice will not be allowed to buy a HFM permit in the future, effectively locking you out of these areas. This isn't an idle threat so please don't take the risk. Checks will be put in place. Permits come as part of your club membership (so make sure that is up-to-date) or day permits can be purchased from bike shops.

We've got it really good in terms of land access and trail variety - really, really good. There aren't many rules to follow, and the ones we do have are easy. Thanks to the 800+ members of our club that see value in following those rules and enabling the club to champion our cause with landowners and councils. If we play our part and are considerate things will go from strength to strength.

NMTBC committee
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 13/ 3 / 14; 12:30:09 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 11/3/14. Tuesday, March 11, 2014
Imminent Hira Forest Closure

This urgent update from Action Forest Management on behalf of Hancock Forest Management:
Please be extra vigilant, all track construction and maintenance activities are to cease immediately, if they have not done so already.   

HFM plan to set in place daily fire patrols from the 17th and have closure signage put up on the Monday if required should we have no or very little rain.
Forest closure may occur as from Monday 17th March 2014 if the dry continues. The predictions are that we will enter Code Orange conditions within the Hira Forest this coming weekend; fortunately the forecast is showing a possibility of rain on Sunday, continuing for several days thereafter.

Should the rain not eventuate as predicted, then Hancock Forest Management will be closing all public and recreational access and cancelling all permits for the Hira forest as from Monday 17 February.  Closure signage will be put up on Monday if this should occur, as well as an email to all applicable parties confirming the closure on Monday.
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 11/ 3 / 14; 9:19:32 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 7/3/14. Friday, March 7, 2014
Fire danger update for Hira Forest

The Hira Forest is still open to foot traffic and bikes at this stage but is closed to all non-operational vehicles due to the fire danger. This will mean no shuttling until the fire danger comes down and that the gates will be shut at the main entrance to Sharlands Creek.

Please be extra careful when riding in this area and if you see anything that could be a fire risk let us know straight away so we can pass it on to the forest managers.

Only people with permits are allowed to ride on these trails (permits come as part of your annual club membership) so please remind any buddies you have who do not own a permit that they need to get one. Follow this link for more info on how to become a member
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 7/ 3 / 14; 5:26:08 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 5/3/14. Wednesday, March 5, 2014
Kirwans Heli-bike

GBMTBC is doing a Heli into Kirwans Hut, Reefton on Sunday 16th March
$90. Contact Brent Hartshorne 0272809439 or email
If interested.
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 5/ 3 / 14; 7:44:01 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 20/2/14. Thursday, February 20, 2014
Log Rides for the Kids - Conifer Park, Rabbit Island

One big, one small. Set-up for Conifer Park riders to have a bit of fun on.

Thanks TDC, great use of that old man pine!

Log Ride 1:        Log Ride 2:
Posted by Chris Mildon on 20/ 2 / 14; 3:36:47 PM   Discuss
Permanent link to archive for 12/2/14. Wednesday, February 12, 2014
Easby/Dellside Climbing Link Completed

A long running TDC project, several years in the planning and resourcing, and a couple of rapid weeks in the building - the Easby Park/Dellside climbing MTB trail in Richmond is in place and ready to ride. Taking all the steep pinches of Tower Rd below the Telcom site out of the picture, this intermediate grade climbing link starts at the bottom of Tower Rd and climbs through some really interesting terrain to just below the Telcom site. It is a dual direction trail, and is the first of several TDC supported trail projects in this area that will network the trail system in these hills up so that it is much more accessible to a wider range of riders.

Start of the new Telecom-Resevoir Track
A large eucalypt anchors this corner well

A feature of this build is the deliberate separation of walking and MTB trails in the lower reaches of Easby/Dellside. This new climbing trail is built for MTBs, and is dual-use. However, this has allowed the existing walking only trails (ie Keiths Track) to be given greater separation, and kissing gates are being installed at key spots on the walking tracks so that bikes can't get on to them. This area is heavily used by a massive number of walkers, runners etc and TDC consultation with all the different groups has shown there is a strong desire to minimise bike/walker conflict through separation on some tracks, which has kept everybody happy.

Give it a ride if you're out that way - it is fresh, but will benefit from some traffic. Armouring options are being looked at to help the tread surface through what are pretty wet winters up in those hills, and once the ground softens a bit expect that to be done.

A massive thank you to Andrew Spittall, who donated his time and rough cutting digger to the project. This has allowed the TDC budget to spread miles further than it otherwise would have, and together with a second (tilt bucket) digger following Andrew cleaning and shaping, has given an incredibly efficient trail build mechanism that you can be sure will be utilised again some time soon!
Posted by Chris Mildon on 12/ 2 / 14; 8:25:16 PM   Discuss (1 response)
Permanent link to archive for 10/2/14. Monday, February 10, 2014
Access update: Turners/Lollipop/Beer Bottle/Dogs

Turners, Lollipop, Beer Bottle, Top Dog and Dead Dog trails will be closed from 11 February 2014.
The Tantragee Saddle Road will continue to be open to the public, but it will see a lot more traffic for the next 6-8 months so please use caution.
Groom Creek Road will be closed at all times during the week and open at the weekends unless otherwise stated on the signs at the road entrances.
Fringe Hill Road will also continue to be open as per normal.
The Maitai Valley walkway will remain open at most times, but will be closed occasionally during the day when it is unsafe due to felled trees etc.

As a general rule of thumb please read all signs and do not cross any marker tape. There is a very real safety issue when trees are being felled so stay clear and use the time to explore some of our other trails - there's plenty of them.

Hancock is a big supporter of the club, and we have a great relationship with them. Let's respect their need to work in a safe and controlled environment - once that work's over we can get back in there to play. Thanks.
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 10/ 2 / 14; 2:00:47 PM   Discuss (2 responses)

Permanent link to archive for 4/2/14. Tuesday, February 4, 2014
Cooper and Bichard Take Top Gun Honours - Event Wrap

After more than three days of the closest mountainbike racing Nelson has seen for some time, Anton Cooper and Meg Bichard claimed the second edition prestige of Top Gun champions.


Today‚s Super D at the Codgers Mountain Bike Park was the deciding event, with several riders carrying maximum points into the Nelson Anniversary Day clash from Saturday's Downhill and Sunday's Cross Country events.


Cooper (Woodend) finished as the fastest man and Bichard (Moutere) the second fastest woman, which combined with their maximum points from the Cross Country for Cooper, and the Downhill for Bichard gave them the coveted 2014 Top Gun titles.


The Downhill and Cross Country events also doubled as the second round of the New Zealand Mountain Bike Cup this year and the appeal of this high level of competition drew large fields in both events, 112 riders taking on the Kaka Downhill, and 95 the Codgers Cross Country.


Saturday's Downhill saw a return to Kaka Hill - a venue that has hosted the nationals going back to 1999 but rested for the last four years. This break allowed the race course to recover and further evolve into a truly worthy test of rider and machine. The closeness of competition was clear to see in all categories, with the Junior categories producing classy wins for Oscar Perks (U17, Nelson)) and a rare tied result in the U19s to Josh McCombie (Dunedin) and Ben Watkins (Wanganui).


Queenstown's Sophie Tyas followed through on her top seed position to win the Elite Women's race, while the Elite Men‚s race provided a thrilling conclusion to the day. The top five seeds took the five podium spots, but none in the positions that they had seeded. Wanganui's Sam Blenkinsop looked to have done enough to win after peeling seven seconds off his seed time, however Kieran Bennett (Christchurch) bettered that by over a second to set the benchmark for the remaining three riders on course. None could match Bennett's pace on what really is his home course, with Switzerland's top World Cup racer Nick Beer last rider through in fifth.


Sunday's Cross Country race at the always popular Codgers Mountain Bike Park gave competitors a course that was absolute fun and ideally suited to the Olympic format of multi-lap Mountain Bike racing. Age group categories in the morning race start gave an indication of what would be on offer for the afternoon Elite/Under 19 race, with a very strong Under 17 Men‚s field giving spectators and supporters a fantastic lead-in race - Wellington's Eden Cruise taking the win in style. Masters categories were also fiercely competed with many having an eye on the Top Gun decider.


The strongest fields seen this summer in Under 19 and Elite were on course in the afternoon race start. Both Under 19 Men and Women races were close at the front - Auckland's Charlotte Rayner and Rangiora's Ben Oliver winning from the gun, but they had to work to keep ahead of the rest of their competitors. Queenstown's Kate Fluker and Cooper won the Elite races by comfortable margins.


However, in both the contest for podium spots was intense and only a sniff of opportunity could have made a difference to the pack. Nelson's Ingrid Richter produced a well grafted race to take second place behind Fluker, surprising several highly experienced athletes in the process. And early in the Men, Te Awamutu's Sam Gaze challenged Cannondale's World Cup professional Cooper at the front, however Gaze couldn't maintain the frenetic pace - Rotorua's Dirk Peters and Carl Jones left to try to close the gap to Cooper.


Full Results:

Top Gun/NZ MTB Cup Round 2 Downhill

Top Gun/NZ MTB Cup Round 2 Cross Country

Top Gun Super D

Top Gun Overall Points

Posted by Chris Mildon on 4/ 2 / 14; 7:18:34 AM   Discuss
Permanent link to archive for 3/2/14. Monday, February 3, 2014
2014 Top Gun Super D and Overall Results

Super D results here, and overall Top Gun roll of honour here.
Posted by Chris Mildon on 3/ 2 / 14; 3:43:04 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 2/2/14. Sunday, February 2, 2014
2014 Top Gun/NZ MTB Cup Round Two Cross Country Results

Check today's results here. Report to follow.

More photos can be found by emailing name and race number to 
Posted by Chris Mildon on 2/ 2 / 14; 6:22:41 PM   Discuss
Permanent link to archive for 1/2/14. Saturday, February 1, 2014
2014 Top Gun/NZ MTB Cup Round Two Downhill Results

Check here - report to follow.
Posted by Chris Mildon on 1/ 2 / 14; 5:43:24 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 30/1/14. Thursday, January 30, 2014
Popular 4 for Four Event coming up March 30th

Hi All,
On 30th March NMTBC is running the second annual "4 for Four" event at Rabbit Island.
The 60 riders who attended the inaugural event last year had loads of fun.
This event is aimed at families but anyone of any ability can come along and have a fun day out.
The course is easy and takes about 10-15mins per lap.
It is run "loosely"so that if the child riding is a little young they can be accompanied by another rider i.e. a family who completed the event all rode the first lap together to familiarise with the course then separately after that.
The team does not have to be a family, it can be made up of any gender or age combination such as 4 mums, 4 grandads or any ol' mix you like.
The idea is to get families & friends out having fun and getting a little fitter together.
I am a serious MTB racer but loved riding this event with my partner & 2 young daughters.
Each team has a tag on their wrist and upon crossing the finish line each lap punch a hole in the tag so that the number of laps are recorded. As an incentive to the young riders a bucket of jellybeans with a spoon is tied to a post at the furthermost part of the track. This was a hit last year but we did run a little short of beans so will increase the volume this year.

Entry fee is $5 per person, maximum $20 per team.
Book this event in, bring your barbies and have some fun...

Wayne Pool
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 30/ 1 / 14; 12:19:03 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 27/1/14. Monday, January 27, 2014
Access update: Turners/Lollipop/Beer Bottle/Dogs

From 7 February 2014 through to August 2014 the Turners, Lollipop, Beer Bottle, Top Dog and Dead Dog trails will be closed. Hancock has been planning to harvest the area east of Fireball Road for a while, and work is now scheduled to start. The entire area will be closed at all times, including the Groom Creek and Fireball roads. A fence will be erected along the road edge on the skid at the top of IV line/Turners along with appropriate signs.

The MTB club and Hancock have an excellent relationship - they let us build tracks and play in their forest, but they ask that we follow the rules when they are working. There are real health and safety issues at play here so we ask that everyone stays out of this area until further notice. Please pass on the message to any of your friends and riding buddies as well.

The good news is that out of all the trails in that area the only ones that are likely to be damaged are the lower Dogs (that run from Fireball Road down to the Maitai River). The lower part of Top Dog might also be affected. So - you'll get a chance to ride the fantastic trails in that area gain - just be patient.

Thanks for your help. We'll keep you updated on progress.
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 27/ 1 / 14; 12:04:35 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 22/1/14. Wednesday, January 22, 2014
Reload - Drains Partner Completed, Codgers MTB Park

This small trail started by the Sustainable Trail Workshop crew earlier in the year, taken up by the Corrections crew and now completed by Andrew Spittal and Chris Mildon is ready to ride. Its called Reload, and is designed and built as a predominantly climbing trail, allowing a much easier route up to the Jacks Track/Pipeline intersection from Summit Rd (above Codgers).

The existing Drain track will now be designated a descending only trail in line with the wonderful way it has weathered and evolved through the high volume of traffic it gets. Signage will be in place in the next few days. Ride it!
Posted by Chris Mildon on 22/ 1 / 14; 4:14:29 PM   Discuss
Permanent link to archive for 18/1/14. Saturday, January 18, 2014
Involution Clean Up

Some scheduled maintenance is taking place at the moment on Involution. Nelmac scrub cut the rampant side growth just before Christmas, and some targetted trail tuning is underway having started on Friday, courtesy of the NCC. This mainly involves some judicious tree removal to open things up just a little bit in places (can hear the sighs of relief from the 750mm handlebar brigade) and some minor repair to a handful of settled corners. Ideally, riders won't notice any specific difference to the way the trail rides, other than noticing a bit more space and feeling like things are flowing quite a bit better. This work will be completed by mid next week.
Posted by Chris Mildon on 18/ 1 / 14; 9:54:23 AM   Discuss (1 response)

Permanent link to archive for 11/1/14. Saturday, January 11, 2014
Maitai Pipeline Construction - Arboretum to Tantragee Saddle

A reminder that Fulton Hogan are flat out installing the last section of the new pipeline, which runs up from Maitai Rd, through the Arboretum and Tangragee Saddle to the water treatment plant. There's heavy machinery operating all over the place with this work, and cyclists/other recreational users are asked to pay close attention to any signage advising of closure or diversion. The area in question can be identified off this map, with work expected to be completed towards the end of March.
Posted by Chris Mildon on 11/ 1 / 14; 8:45:39 PM   Discuss

Welcome to the Martins

While they have been here for a wee while now, this article really does justice to the back story of our celeb MTB couple and club members, Sven and Anka. Ever wondered what is so special about Nelson and its trails, and why the club's focus has to stay on making sure that special Nelson riding flavour is kept intact? Look no further than the wise words of these two trail hunting travellers. Great Nelson Mail feature here.
Posted by Chris Mildon on 11/ 1 / 14; 8:38:34 PM   Discuss

Heaphy MTB Access Permanent

Great news, and a fantastic result for the 'background' MTBNZ Land Access crew who have pushed this consistently through 17 years of changing political climate, Conservation Authority staff and government ministers. Thanks to everyone who has ever submitted through the years in support if this! Now get cracking and plan your next Heaphy trip, but make sure you plan to spend a couple of days up there and really enjoy this stunning part of the country.

Nelson Mail article here
Posted by Chris Mildon on 11/ 1 / 14; 8:33:38 PM   Discuss
Permanent link to archive for 3/1/14. Friday, January 3, 2014
Big Bush Uphill Trail

Yesterday we started construction of the Big Bush Uphill Trail off Teetotal Flats at St Arnaud. This trail entirely through beech forest will create access to a network of 4 or 5 trails that will descend through native bush towards St Arnaud as well as creating a counter-clockwise option to the existing Big Bush loop.
With Malcolm on the digger we completed 150-200 metres of trail in 3 hours. Total length of the trail will be about 2.5km and it is expected to take several months to complete.
big bush1:
big bush2:
big bush3:
big bush4:

Meanwhile Rob Kay has been busy up on the Beebys-Red Hills track and this is now about 60% complete.
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 3/ 1 / 14; 12:01:56 PM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 15/12/13. Sunday, December 15, 2013
TOTSDH Kaka and Sprung Super D Weekend

Pretty busy weekend on the gravity trail. Saturday's TOTSDH race at Kaka Hill had been put off twice due to weather but finally went ahead on Saturday. A smaller field than usual raced, but it was a good one with some very close times on the old favourite. Big thanks to HayHay, Amanda, Rueben and Kurt for stepping up and making it happen, and a welcome back to stalwarts Pauline Miller and Richard McRae (nee Adams) who answered the call. Tina Shirley did the double duty with timing, and cheers also to Doug Wilson for driving with the Scottish tyre shredder.

Today's TOTSDH results here, and TOTSDH points table here.

Sunday was the final of the Sprung Super D Series, and a different sort of course was stitched together which included a maximum dose of real fun stuff. Lots of smiles at the finish line, and a big turn out again showing just how popular this format and the social side of the events is. Thanks to Tina and Kate Weston for finish line duties.

Today's Sprung results here, and Sprung points table here.

That wraps up this year's NMTBC events portfolio. Its been another busy year with the club over delivering again, but it is worth it. We look forward to our next big one, which is TOP GUN/NZ MTB Cup Round 2, and watching how all these fast Nelson riders do against the rest of NZ's best. Judging by how fast all categories are going, expect to see Nelson over represented in the summer national event results again.
Posted by Chris Mildon on 15/ 12 / 13; 10:16:37 PM   Discuss
Permanent link to archive for 13/12/13. Friday, December 13, 2013
Trails - Spring Growth Update

The club sends a huge thank you out to all our dedicated trail crews who have mobilised again this year for the intensive spring growth trails clean-out. As we indicated earlier during this year's spring/summer transition, spring growth in Nelson was in a perfect place this year to go absolutely mad, which it did.

We are talking about the Sharlands Valley Trails, especially those lower down in the network where the crew have been busy on Thursday evenings the last couple of weeks; in the Richmond Hills where grass growth is always incredibly vigourous and has been dealt with by a growing team; on the FDH and Kaka downhill trails; in the DOC trails in the Sharlands Bush Covenant and in the Codgers MTB Park where the trails through clear-fell areas are always hit hard. Add in the work that Nelmac does cutting the Dun Mountain Trail, Pipeline and other areas and it's quite a package.

Just to give you an idea of what is involved - for the Codgers MTB Park it is a 20km round trip with scrub bar, in many places in grass, broom, gorse and old mans beard that grows to over head height each season. That means 40km of little half steps, cutting up one side of the trail and down the other.

Repeat this process at varying degrees in all the main clusters of our trail network and you'll get some idea of the scope of this intensive period of trail maintenance. But once done, it's Nelson's fantastic summer riding that benefits! Thanks again to all our trail crews.
Posted by Chris Mildon on 13/ 12 / 13; 7:58:08 AM   Discuss
Permanent link to archive for 6/12/13. Friday, December 6, 2013
The Anatomy of a Crash

As some of you are aware, I had a pretty good crash nearly 3 weeks ago and ended up in hospital. Thanks to all of you who signed the Big Card Sue took around at the AGM, it really cheered me up.
As I had no memory of the accident it bugged me not knowing what happened. I have now managed to piece together a plausible explaination along with some tips and photos of how to perform "technical dismounts".  You can get the lowdown from an expert here exclusive to club members.
Posted by Alan Eskrick on 6/ 12 / 13; 10:46:00 AM   Discuss

Permanent link to archive for 5/12/13. Thursday, December 5, 2013
Top of the South Maps

The latest version of this joint NCC/TDC GIS mapping system is now up and running, and accessible for all. The club has done considerable work over the years supporting this, and helping the council GIS Dept add trails and levels of detail to make it user friendly, and a resource that can be utilised by the public for free.

The platform has got plenty of functionality depending on what you want to find, but to utilise this to find MTB Trails click the 'Recreation' sub heading under Map Layers, and play around with that drop-down menu to highlight 'Biking Tracks'. 'Walking Tracks' has its own heading, and you can turn this on or off to show which trails are shared-use, walking only or MTB only.

To drill down onto specific trails, click the 'Info' button at the left on top of the map, so that when you click on a specific map feature it will bring up its name, grade and other relevant information.

You can format the map in a topographic view, aerial view or even with a street view. And you can also print whatever map view you like by using the print button in the top right corner.

Nelson information is up to date, and some TDC information will be updated over time.

Direct link to Top of the South Maps here.
Posted by Chris Mildon on 5/ 12 / 13; 11:59:36 AM   Discuss


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